Custom Homes in NYC: Building Mistakes to Avoid

New Home Construction in NYC

DSA Builders specializes in new home construction in NYC (Brooklyn and Manhattan), and Westchester.

You’ve waited your whole life to make the custom home of your dreams a reality. Avoid these building mistakes to ensure that your new home construction in NYC or Westchester doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

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No Vision

This is your custom dream home, so don’t expect your developer to read your mind. Take the lead. Make sure to provide inspirational pictures of custom homes in NYC or Westchester to show him what you want. 

Failure to Communicate

Communication is key to ensure that your new home construction in NYC runs smoothly. Make sure to document everything so that everyone is on the same page. It’s not enough to tell your contractor in passing that you want built-in furniture – put it in writing.

Unreliable Labor

Hiring a motely crue of freelance laborers may save you money on paper, but in reality, relying on an incompetent or unqualified team without a proven track record of building custom homes in NYC could end up costing more in the long run. 

Tight Budget

While any respectable contractor will try to stick to the budget, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Market and labor costs fluctuate and upgrades cost money. If you don’t have wiggle room in your budget, maybe you should reconsider building a custom home in NYC.

Not Planning For Delays

Expect the unexpected. From bureaucratic setbacks to bad weather, delays are bound to happen. Make sure to account for life happening during your new home construction in NYC or Westchester.