General Contractors in NYC: Why You Need a General Contractor For Your Construction Project

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DSA Builders are high-end full service general contractors in NYC with over two decades of experience managing commercial and residential construction projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester.

Full service general contractors in NYC oversee commercial and residential construction projects, ranging from single-family apartments to skyscrapers. They handle every aspect, from finding suppliers to hiring subcontractors.


General Contractors in NYC


Here are just a few reasons why you should hire a general contractor for your NYC or Westchester project:

They know a guy

When you hire a wedding planner do you expect her to bake the cake and DJ too? Of course not, you hire her because she knows people. You work with general contractors because of what and who they know, not because you expect them to do everything.

High-end full service general contractors in NYC are all about connections. The best have a contact list full of experienced subcontractors, reasonably priced suppliers, and connections in finance and government.

They know code

Navigating New York City’s complex building codes is a full time job. Experienced general contractors in NYC know how to get the right permits to ensure that your project passes inspection and is in compliance with local laws.


Reputable general contractors in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester have workers’ compensation insurance—meaning that if a subcontractor gets hurt on your property, liability transfers to the contractor and not to you.


Experienced full service general contractors in NYC – like DSA Builders – work efficiently, staying on schedule and on budget. They know the ropes, and anticipate problems before they arise – so that you can focus on your life.